Thich Nhat Hanh playlist

I created this play list via Youtube of my favorite of his talks.  At about 33 minutes of the one titled Awakening the Heart, he describes how the tops of the trees blowing in a huge storm (look like the tree will fall) are like the mind in a strong emotion (like anger or fear); the base of the tree (look like the tree will stand strong deeply rooted) are like the abdominal area where you have deep breath. When in the middle of a strong emotion if you can bring awareness to your deep breath it transforms your experience. The emotion doesn’t last no matter what you do, if you do a mindfulness practice in that moment or not. He relates the concern about youth suicide and people losing themselves to an overwhleming emotion. Learning and practicing coming back to breath can save people from so much needless pain (the 2nd arrow). It is a great talk. The other two are shorter and also great. Please enjoy them. We are so lucky to have the chance to listen to talks on Youtube.



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4 responses to “Thich Nhat Hanh playlist

  1. That’s a cool playlist, Thay is an amazing teacher. I loved your description by the way. What’s your favourite of his books? “The Sun, My Heart” and “No Death, No Fear” are two of mine. If you wanna stop by my little site at, that’d be cool too.

  2. Zen Presence

    I like all things Thay! A man of true wisdom.

  3. Not sure how else to contact you so please forgive me for leaving a comment on a post. I want to share a link: , which I hope will be a great mindfulness resource for many people. Here’s the scoop:

    On that website (and its companion Facebook page), beginning January 1, 2013, I’ll be publishing a daily “mindfulness poem,” usually by a contemporary or recent poet.

    Anyone who would like a daily sip or slice of poetic encouragement to “be here now” can subscribe (for free) either by signing up to receive it via email ( or by liking the project’s Facebook page (

    If you would like to include my website’s link on your own, please feel free.

    Remember, “A Year of Being Here” launches on January 1, 2013. I encourage everyone to subscribe today so that they don’t miss a single serving of these wonderful poems. This poetry is soul food for the journey.

    Thank you.

    Deep peace,
    Phyllis Cole-Dai

  4. Many thanks from France. This wise man introduced me to mindfulness living 15 years ago. A bless. Love.

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