In what experiences do you have patience? What steals it away? When wanting mind becomes so strong it can mean we miss seeing that on the way to getting what we want we got lots of what we didn’t want. We can create all these unnecessary and unwanted experiences in the veracious grasping and clinging to getting something we want. If we just want it a little, we can see, oh there is all this about the way in which we are getting there…that is the patience, noticing all the stuff about the way we get there and caring for that too.

I think during in-patience we stop seeing the moment we’re helping create on the way. I think it happens when we are wanting something so badly that it makes us blind.

That blindness is a pretty uncomfortable because of the tension that you could fall into a pot hole at any moment. When we are just plainly seeing what is, there is security in that and that feels very good. Even if what we are seeing isn’t pleasing, we know it’s temporary. Seeing what is, also means seeing it is all temporary. How can we cling so hard to what is fleeting? There is the notion that there is nothing to hold on to.

If we can get familiar with all the moments we have of wishlessness or patience, it to helps us recreate them. I think patience happens when we have this deep sense of no where to be, no where to go. Like in that moment we don’t have to be a movie star. We can still work hard for that just not that we HAVE to be that or ELSE.


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  1. Mom

    I like this a lot! But it’s a bit hard to follow. In the 4th line, could you say …”grasping and clinging, while struggling to get something we want”? And do you mean “im-patience” in paragraph two?

    Well done! It’s inspiring! Makes me proud!

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