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Cultivating Fearlessness

Part of that is coming to know your own fear, getting comfortable with that awareness. Gaining the habit of listening in…

You get used to the thoughts in your head after sitting quietly and listening to them. Since you aren’t left to wonder what might be there, that makes them less fearsome, we become fearless even just for a moment. Hey, I know what is in there…it would be like going around with your pockets full and you have no idea what is in them!

Trust that you can open to the present moment begins to build. From mindfulness comes inner strength and the development of trust. You get sure that the nature of things is for them to change, so you get less likely to hang on something, on some idea of how it should be or how it was or how it is even.


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When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are

Whether water drops are separate or part of a lake or river, water is still water, at the top of the waterfall a drop becomes separate then rejoins. That droplet is still water no matter how separate and different it feels.

My college astronomy textbook told us we are made of dead star stuff, stars create elements, when stars die their matter mingles. That is a pretty big responsibility for a star, still we have no evidence of a star worriedly planning its every move, it isn’t expected to…imagine each element in a star’s core bursting forth in a particular “right” direction for each one of the billions of reactions and molecules. And after all that you ask the star how it is doing and it says fine. The point is it can be absurd what we expect from ourselves. Stars, even with this huge responsibility, get off scott-free, willy-nilly creating elements, doing their work without judgment. I suppose I can more easily accept the possibility of existing like that in other natures. How do we get there? What sorts of things take us there, where we experience water is still water?

When “our” star, the sun, begins to die it will have burnt up all of its current fuel and start burning a fuel that will make it become so large the sun’s diameter will nearly be the same diameter of the earths ellipse around the sun, ensuring the earth’s gravitating into its burning self and we will all become part of that star! Think about that and how seriously we take things in our life.

We are all going to be mashed together.

Think about who you would most like to not be mashed together with, isn’t it funny? Oh gosh just don’t mash me together with “those [fill in the blank]”…Yet here we are all mashed together unavoidably. And are there people you might like to get closer to? In some way it is kind of lovely and for me it definitely takes a load off. Like my gosh what do you do in the event that you and everyone and the planet will be mashed together? Well, let me think about that…what shall I wear? I hope I will have the right bag and the right shoes and say the right thing. How can I plan my day around that?

The sun needs an intervention, its being a little too inclusive.

The future involving being mashed together in a star is also irrelevant in some way. It seems like a really big thing on the surface, unlike this next moment, which seems like a really little thing. That is where I would like to think the song in the title comes in except I am not sure how I think I just love the song, “…makes no difference who you are…” When we ask someone who are you we don’t mean in this moment, we mean who were you, who have you been, what have you done and maybe where are you going? We almost never mean who you really are in this moment. And that is really all there is, that is all that is in existence, this moment. There is no future and there is no past. Those things aren’t “are” they don’t exist as a part of “areness”.

The water droplets that for a moment went out of the rapids and into the air above the falls we may feel very separate, very different because of their own past or future, may get hooked on those stories…the nice thing is when we realize we all have these experiences, that breeds the compassion. When we notice a feeling and call it that feeling: this is happiness, this is irritation, this is, etc rather than I am happy, I am irritated which personalizes isolates and permanitizes and absolutes. It is just a habit of inner conversation that misrepresents the way things are and doesn’t increase the realization that we all get this, so when you see it in others you can say oh yes I know that one, I noticed it this morning. All the sudden you are right there in their boots.

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Gradual Progress

If we try to hurry our progress in any direction we can have a discouragement big enough to make you quit trying all together. So it is important to give the change we aspire to, space to grow in the way it will. Not having so much weight and seriousness can actually be helpful in the long run for progress to take place. Things will happen when they are ready. By putting a lot of focus on where you want to be you get to trip over the smallest crack in the sidewalk.

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