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Another Slice of Pie Blog

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Just found a really neat blog from one of my favorite bloggers, check it out –

In one of her posts Valerie talks about the fact that we and everyone we see and know and love will all be dead in 150 years. I am reading this post and just going wow, wow, wow,

It really points us to the impermanence of everything in our lives. She goes on to point out that the future beyond us just may not be the way we envision it. Parts of it just made me want to look around me and embrace everyone and everything and look at it like I was seeing it for the first and possibly last time. That is the way it really is, whether we see it or not. Life is simply an amazing gorgeous luscious vanishing thing.

Unfortunately so far she doesn’t let us leave comments on her blog, so I have begged her for that since writing is a way I learn and better understand ideas. And leaving comments here about a post there is just out of context, I hope you will read her blog.



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