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Physical Therapy or Yoga

I believe what I am finding out during Physical Therapy visits and yoga training, is that it is key to stay conscious and present, for example to tilt of your head. If you are working with a bad neck problem it is important to stay as aware and open as possible to what actions you are making or sitting with. That is key to the usefulness of the teachings. With being able to stay as aware as possible to the fine details of your present anatomy situation, you are able to start training in new more ergonomically correct positions. It is just the first step. An important one and it is a habit within itself. Also where is your breath, is it shallow or is it feeding your entire body with the oxygen of your life? Your body wants oxygen to grow, to adjust and to relax.


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When you are you, zen is zen

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“When you are you, zen is zen, not when you get to be zen enough you will finally be cool.” This is a quote from Edward Brown quoting another zen teacher in (a podcast already reviewed previously in this blog). And more quotes from the talk:

“At last an authentic movement, you are not just posturing.” (from a yoga teacher) It was interesting to think of yoga as being an avenue for bringing your authentic self into the present.

“You are attempting to do you in a way that gives the right impression to the world…”

“Do you really want to be here?” “Can you welcome yourself home?”

“How will you ever become acceptable if you can never measure up to your scale or standard?” How do you get comfortable being you if you have all these other things besides you, that your are trying to be? Meanwhile knowing you grow and develop and change.
When you have a daily habit of listening to what is in there, you are don’t have to hold back in fear of what might be sitting there that might come out. The keeping yourself in check, lets go more and you find yourself freer. And people love that you are there. That gives them liberty to also be present.

When you obtain realization it might not look the way you thought it would, it seems certain it will be you there when it happens.

One gets especially hard to meet yourself is when you are suffering and think oh I have done all these right things so I can’t be suffering and yet there you are suffering something. So we are human once again.

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